Diamante / Rhinestone - White Opal

Diamante / Rhinestone - White Opal

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White Opal is the perfect stone to enhance a pure white design. It has a delicate quality that teams well with pearls and classic jewels for design work or can be used to create an overall sheen when sprinkled over an entire bodice or garment.

Superior quality flatback diamante / rhinestones are specially foiled for maximum bond and suitable for either Hotfix or Glue-On application. Equal quality and brilliance compared to leading brands.

Sizes:   SS16 = 3.8mm  SS20 = 4.6mm  SS30 = 6.3mm

Quantities:   1 gross = 144 pieces   10 gross = 1440 pieces

Important:  Please note this product is sold by weight.  Quantities given are only approximate.

Colours depicted in the images are for guidance only and may vary slightly.