Stoning Tips Part 8 - Decorating Lace Motifs

Embellishing lace motifs with crystals is one of the easiest ways to decorate your dance costumes. Lace gives you a predefined pattern to follow so you don't need to be a designer guru to make your dress stand out. Motifs come in many different designs and colours and can easily be used on Ballroom dresses, Latin dresses, bodybuilding bikinis, Latin shirts, Tutus or any other dance costume. You can even decorate an extra piece to utilize as a necklace or hair decoration without too much trouble.

The two main concerns with decorating lace is firstly where to glue the diamantes, and secondly how many diamantes are needed. Solutions are easy in both cases when using lace motifs however you will always be governed by your budget. If your budget is limitless then go ahead and encrust every bit of visible lace with a crystal of some sort, if you have limited supply of diamantes, pearls and/or jewel stones then it's easy (and advisable) to make a plan.

Begin by placing (don't glue) the stones in a pattern you like, count them, then multiply by the amount of lace pieces you have to determine quantities needed. Once you are satisfied with your pattern start gluing. There are countless ways to decorate any one piece of lace so you may need to experiment to get the right look and amount of shine that works with your budget.

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