Stoning Tips Part 7 - Different decorating techniques

There are a variety of different ways to decorate your costume and today we aim to explain some of these various decorating techniques.

Dotting... this is probably the most popular method used to achieve that glittery look.  The only real decisions you need to make are which diamantes to use and how far to space them out.  If you are a beginner it would be advisable to make up a sample piece first to give you an idea how it looks.  The biggest danger here is when the spacing between the dots does not remain consistent, it's a good idea to dot some small chalk marks to use as a guide.  If you are more confident and don't need chalk, it might be handy to keep your sample piece next to your work to serve as a continuous reminder of the spacing.

Lines... these a great for outlining areas or to form a more complex design.  If gluing straight onto your costume it's wise to chalk your design first and test drawing a line with the glue on some sample fabric to check it's consistency. With practice you will be able to draw the lines with glue.

Jewel stones... these larger stones are great embellishments and really help to add sparkle to your outfit.  It's best to lay them in your required pattern first, then glue them individually in place. Using pins as shown in the photo below is a great way to stop your jewel stones from sliding around both when laying them in place and also when waiting for the glue to dry. As explained in earlier blogs, it's best to use an industrial adhesive such as E6000 for this job.  Holding the stone between your fingers, squeeze and spread a small amount onto the jewel stone then press into place.

Complex designs... to achieve more complex designs you may need to use all techniques to achieve your desired outcome.  The easiest method is to use lace as it can be outlined, dotted and jewelled in many different ways depending on your preferences.

You may also elect to design your own pattern using all of the above techniques. 

In the end the combinations and possibilities are endless and it's up to you how simple or complex you make your design.

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