Stoning Tips Part 13 - Shaded Dotted Effects

A very simple costume can be transformed into a glittering masterpiece by dotting diamantes, crystals and jewels in a shaded pattern. The most difficult part is knowing where to start, so here is a guided step by step instruction on how to achieve a beautiful shaded design.

To demonstrate this technique I have used a black Latin dress I was asked to make last year. My customer asked for the decoration to be shaded from Crystal AB to a deeper Royal blue. To accomplish this look I chose a range of colours in a variety of sizes. Teardrop jewels in Crystal AB 18mm, SS30 diamantes in Crystal AB and Cobalt, ss20 diamantes in Crystal AB, Light Sapphire AB, Capri Blue and Sapphire.

To start with I made my usual preparations such as covering my dress model in plastic wrap and sorted bowls, glue, tissues (just in case) and my beloved diamante picker. I wanted to highlight the edges of the dress with black to compliment the black lace up effect so started outlining with Jet black stones first.

Once the edges were complete I started with the jewel stones. Hopefully you will remember from previous blogs I always recommend starting with the biggest jewels or stones and then progressing with the next size down and so on and finishing off with your smallest stone. In this case the teardrop jewels were first. I wanted the top section of the dress to be mainly Crystal AB and then shade down to mostly Sapphire and Capri Blue so I glued slightly more jewels on the bust area and glued just a few down past the waist. After that I added the SS30 Crystal AB diamantes in similar fashion.

Then I added the SS30 Cobalt. Being a dark colour these I added sparingly over the bust area and more generously from the waist down.


Next I continued with adding the SS20 diamantes. Using the same work pattern  I shaded the Sapphire AB, then Capri Blue and finally Sapphire.


I then finished off by adding the SS20 Crystal AB diamantes and yes you guessed it... very heavy placement at the top of the dress and then shaded it down to very sparse down onto the hips.


Before finishing I stood the dress up and checked the overall look. I added various colour stones in different areas to make sure my shading was gradual and even. It's surprising how the addition of a few stones help the overall design so it always pays to double check your work from different view points.

Here are some photos of the completed dress. Shaded dotting is also a great way to use up some of those odd left overs in the cupboard, don't be scared to use different sizes, shapes and colours to highlight your creations.


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