Stoning Tips Part 12 - Lace Motifs from start to finish


Lace motifs are stylish and a great way to easily decorate your dance costume. They suit any style whether it be Ballroom, Latin, New Vogue, Ballet, Jazz, Bodybuilding bikinis; the list go on. Here is a step by step guide on how best to start decorating.

As explained in previous blogs, the biggest advantage of lace motifs is that you can plan out your decoration by laying stones without glue and deciding on the best design for you. I would advise you take a photo of your plans so that you can refer back to the image when needed.

To get started position your work so that it's level, this is especially important for the larger stones as they are more likely to slide around if not placed in a horizontal position. Remember also to use the best glue option for the job... I always advise E6000 glue for jewel stones and Gemtac glue for diamantes.

Whenever decorating always start gluing the largest stones first then work your way to the smallest. If you have decided on a mixture of jewel stones and diamantes then begin with gluing the large jewel stones in place. If you have a nice level section you could do a few motifs at the same time.

Once you have the feature stones organised, swap your glue and start with the larger diamantes. Again it's best to glue on the ss34 and ss30 sizes first as they take up the most room. You can always fill in tight spots with a smaller size stone. After that decorate the remaining sections with the smaller ss20 and ss16 diamantes. If you are using pearls or sequins then you would glue these in order of size as well.

Once started keep adding stones to the lace repeating the pattern as needed.

As one section dries you will be able to move to the next until all the lace has been decorated in the same way. Finish your design with some complimentary dotting of another colour and if you are also planning on adding any bead droppers to the design, only do this once the glue has dried overnight. You will be surprised how easy it is to create your own masterpiece that looks both impressive and professional on the dance floor.

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