Stoning Tips Part 10 - How to make a Diamante Bangle

Diamante bangles available are often not suitable for your costume, not the right colour, or don't quite fit. Diamante bangles can also be expensive to buy however they are quite easy and cost effective to make yourself. Here are some simple instructions on how to create beautiful sparkling bangles perfectly matched to your dance costume.

1. Easiest way is to purchase a cheap plain plastic bangle that is the right shape and fits correctly, then decorate it with your preferred diamantes. Make sure you purchase one with a smooth surface that can be easily covered with stones. If making coloured bangles look for bases that are a similar colour to your diamantes or rhinestones, for bangles with Crystal AB I would advise a silver, white or see-through base.

2. Make sure you have plenty of diamantes / rhinestones and the correct type of glue. I recommend E6000 Industrial Clear Adhesive as it bonds the plastic bangle and diamonte extremely well without any discolouration.

3. To decorate your bangle start by working out how many diamantes fit nicely across the width of the bangle. Make sure diamantes don't hang over the edge as these can easily be knocked and fall off when dancing. You may need to use 2 different sizes of stones to make them fit comfortably across. In the photo below I have chosen three size SS16 diamantes to form one row.

4. Continue to glue diamantes in rows across the bangle and gradually work your way down. This avoids handling freshly glued diamantes and creating a mess.

5. When finished hang your bangle to dry. It's best not to rest it horizontally as the stones may slide and settle to one side, or worse still you might find a bangle glued to your table in the morning.

6.  Depending on the style of your bangle and costume, don't be afraid to experiment with rhinestones of different colours, sizes, designs and jewel stones.

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