DSA Juvenile Dress Restrictions - A Comprehensive Guide

Here is a comprehensive guide to the DanceSport Australia Juvenile Dress Restrictions including lots of pictures. Hopefully this will make it a little easier when choosing costumes for our up and coming stars! Remember that Juveniles dancing in the Recreational Division can choose between Recreational street wear or Amateur Division Juvenile attire as described here.

Girls Juvenile Dress Restrictions

The dress… The most popular choice is a simple dress like these made from fabrics such as Lycra, chiffon, lace, or satin. It’s important to understand that only certain necklines, skirts, sleeve types, and fabrics are allowed. No other variations such as cut outs in the bodice or see through material are allowed.

Colours… Probably the most important rule to remember is that the dress must be of one colour only, so whichever fabrics you get they must all match together.

Front necklines allowed... Sweetheart, high round neck, scooped, V front, boat neck, stand up collar, frill collar, simple collar, Peter Pan collar, or Chinese collar. 

Some of these styles would now be thought “old fashioned”, currently the trends are high scooped, low scooped, boat neck, and stand up collar as pictured above.

X Not allowed:  cut-outs such as peep holes, slashed necklines, singlet or straps tops, body stocking or any other see through fabric.


Back necklines allowed... High Round, Scooped, V Back, Square Back, or Boat Neck. Remember the back of any neckline should be no lower than the shoulder blades.



Types of sleeves permitted... Any length straight sleeve to the wrist. Long sleeve with v extension and finger stirrup, short puff, or short cap are allowed. 

X Not allowed: A bodice with no sleeves in combination with a boat neckline.

Waistlines allowed… The simple dress must only have a normal or V waistline and must be no lower than 5cm below waist at sides. Drop waistlines are not allowed.

Skirt... Skirts are to be no longer than 2.5cm below the knee and no higher than 10cm above knee when kneeling on the floor. Allowed are circular skirts, a frill no bigger than 7.5cm is allowed on a single layer skirt, pleated skirts, and skirts with two layers, and thin fishing line (max 50lb) rolled in the hem is allowed.


X Not allowed: no petticoat, no fringe, feathers, godets, strips, splits, culottes, jumpsuits, tiered skirts, dropped skirts, crinoline or boning on the skirt.

   This skirt is too long

Note the Undies... Must always be same colour as dress and cover the whole bottom.

Fabrics allowed... Lycra, satin, jersey, chiffon, georgette, velvet or stretch lace but this must be lined with an opaque material. Combinations of different fabrics are allowed provided it’s all the same colour. 


X Not allowed: Stretch lace lined with flesh coloured fabric on the bodice is not allowed. Stretch lace on the sleeves without opaque lining is tolerated provided it’s not too revealing.

Decorations… No decorations or trimmings such as diamantes, sequins, beads, bows, flowers, fringe, sashes, belts, or feathers etc are allowed. Crinoline is a trimming and is therefore also not allowed.




Block heel shoes only allowed, no higher than 3.5cm. No slimline or high heel shoes. Can be any colour and may be worn with short socks.             

Hair, make-up, and jewellery…

No artificial eye lashes, artificial fingernails, or tan.

No diamontes, bows, flowers, or decoration to be used on the hair. A scrunchie in the same colour as the dress is allowed. Must be a sensible choice of hairstyle.

No jewellery except plain gold or silver sleeper or ear studs.


Boys Juvenile Dress Restrictions

Trousers... Only plain trousers are allowed.  The trousers should be black, dark grey, or dark navy.  Underfoot strap is optional.  Narrow black belt or black cummerbund optional, metallic black buckle is allowed.  Waistline must be normal or high.  It’s not permitted to have a waistline other than straight, baggies, a fancy or decorated belt or buckle, and no braid.  Satin stripes are allowed.

Shirt... Plain white long sleeved ready to wear shirt, normal sleeves and arm hole.  Plain white fabric only, no shiny or patterned fabrics allowed.  Shirt must be tucked in to trousers.  Vests are not allowed.

X Not allowed:  Vests or waistcoats as shown below at not allowed.

For Latin only... A skivvy with a Polo or Crew neck is an additional option for the Latin style only.  Either Black or White and must have full length sleeves and tucked into trousers.

Ties... For the Standard and New Vogue styles a regular long black tie or black bow tie must be worn. For the Latin style either the long black tie or black bow tie can be worn or no tie is allowed.  A Metallic tie clip is allowed for all styles.

Shoes... Black low heel leather, suede or patent shoes are only allowed and must be worn with black socks.

Hairstyles, make-up and jewellery…

Short hair styles are preferred however if the hair is long it must be worn in a ponytail.

Artificial tan is not allowed. Foundation make-up is optional.

No jewellery is allowed.



The idea is to keep the cost to a reasonable price for all new participants in our sport, especially parents with children in dancing.  These rules are here to keep it fair for everyone competing at competitions. 

Although we love everyone to look great the emphasis should always be on the development and improvement of their dancing abilities. 

For further information and printable copies of the full rules please go to the DSA website... dancesport.org.au

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